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Captain, The - Former roommate and one of I-66's best friends. Initially began blogging push with DC Sports and eventually his own Through Irish Eyes.

Deep Cover - Former roommate and one of I-66's best friends. (Cover, Captain, and I-66 once shared a house). Recently left area to move to Austin, TX for... no apparent reason. Alive. Or so we believe.

House - Current roommate and one of I-66's best friends, also owner of I-66's current residence. Met many of you at initial Lucky Bar happy hour. Name indicative of stature.

TSD - Former dog of I-66. Has broken his tail twice and been shot at by semi-automatic weapons. Currently resides in PA. Will lick you without prompting, and two-pawed thrust you in the crotch if you're not paying attention.

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Chick Magnet - Family dog, resides with I-66's mother. Acquired as puppy at the same time as TSD. Name indicative of function.

Roommate 1 - Self explanatory.

Roommate 2 - Ditto. Just moved in at beginning of Nov. 06.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Moving on

Sit tight. You'll see what's up in a second.

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